Now that everyone had a good start into the cataclysm, reputations have been farmed, some gear has been acquired and people look at other ways to spend their time I found it interesting to check which Level 70 raid bosses can be solo’d for fame and fortune.


Raid Bosses

Even though raid bosses do not hit hard, there are often mechanics that can make such a fight rather tricky. I’ll post here which bosses I managed to take down. Doom Lord Kazzak and Doomwalker are outdoor world bosses and spawn roughly each 3-4 days.


Easy to clear up to Chess Event, no special tactics required even 😀 Can easily be cleared up to Nightbane within 15 minutes (if you are looking at earning a good fast 200g + possible mount from attumen)

Doom Lord Kazzak

This World Boss spawns in Hellfire Peninsula and has 2 mechanics that can make the fight rather tricky for us.

  • Mark of Kazzak
    Casts a non-curable debuff on a random player in range with mana. It will drain the target’s mana for 5% of his total mana per second and explodes for 5,000 Area of Effect (AoE) damage when there is no more mana to drain. Lasts 8 seconds.
  • Twisted Reflection
    Casts a magical and debuff on a random player in range other than the player with aggro. It will heal Lord Kazzak for a very large proportion of his health (25000) each time he deals damage to the player with this debuff. This combined with the Shadow Bolt Volley can ruin the attempt if not dispelled immediately.

This means you can’t just mindless drain your mana and you need manage it and that you need to get rid of Twisted Reflection asap. It is a magical effect, which means we can’t easily dispell it each time it is applied. The Glyph of Shamanistic Rage, which will remove 1 magical debuff is a good choice here and the Restorative Potion, which can be prepotted. Alternatively you may pop earth elemental and have your wolves use twin howl to avoid you being hit and thus kazzak getting healed.

With 850 000 HP this fight doesn’t take long, 1-2 min depending on your dps. Kazzak will drop 480-560 gold and 2 BoE level 70 epic items that sell for at least 300-500g on the auction house each.

Doomlord Kazzak


This World boss in Shadowmoon Valley is probably the easiest to kill. He only does some damage, knockbacks and occasionally kills your totems.

  • Crush Armor – Reduces an enemy’s armor by 10% for 20 sec. Effect stacks up to 5 times.
  • Frenzy – Increases the caster’s Physical damage by 100% for 10 min.

These are the only somewhat tricky abilities. Reduced Armor and Frenzy on top can lead to 10-12k Melee hits. Crush Armor can be Dodged and parried and usually refreshes 4-5 seconds before running out. If you time your earth elemental or spirit wolves twin howl you can easily reset stacks this way. Personally I save heroism and wolves for the enrage phase and pop it around 25% just before frenzy activates.

With 1 600 000 HP this fight doesn’t take long, 2-3 min depending on your dps. Doomwalker will drop 480-560 gold and 2 BoE level 70 epic items that you can auction for at least 300-500g each.



Personally I found Magtheridon quite hard to solo. The problem lies not at Magtheridon himself, but at Phase 1 when you have to kill 5 Channelers, which will heal each other. We simply do not have the aoe to kill them like Rogues would, or just tank everything which might be the best tactic for a tank specced character.

It took me a bit to find a proper way to do it. I start the fight using wolves on a distant channeler which will then aggro all other channelers and have them run there. I pick up of of them and can kill him, interrupting his heal, just before the wolves run out/die. Then I pop earth elemental and pick up another Channeler and pull him away and kill him.

By then a lot of Infernals spawned (they despawn after a while, just ignore them) and you need to manage the remaining channelers somehow – which is the tricks party. Don’t forget searing totem for large lava lashes, to slice through the self healing threshhold, since the channelers will no longer be separated it is nearly impossible to interrupt them all at once.

Don’t forget your defensive cooldwons and self healing. The shear amount of mobs can drain even large health pools fast. I like to use the Agility scrolls from inscription as Battle Elixir and the Prismatic Elixir (90 Resistance) and Healing Stream Totem Glyph to avoid most damage coming from Infernals / Shadow Bolt Novas.

Magtheridon himself is no problem, blastwave hits for less than his melee hits, so there is no reason to interrupt it. Try not to stand in falling debris or fire.

Magtheridon drops, like Doomwalker or doomlord Kazzak, 480-560 gold and some vendor epics (void crystals sell less than the epics here at least).

Good luck trying these Bosses


Soloed these bosses so far:

World Bosses

Magtheridons Lair


  • Attumen
  • Moroes
  • Maiden
  • Opera
  • Nightbane
  • Curator
  • Illhoof
  • Shade of Aran
  • Netherspite
  • Servants Quarters

Zul’Aman, Level 70

  • Akil’zon
  • Nalorakk
  • Jan’alai
  • Halazzi
  • Hex Lord Malacrass
  • Zul’Jin
  • Video here


Tempest Keep

Black Temple

Vault of Archavon

Obsidian Sanctum


Utgarde Pinnacle heroic

29 Responses to Enhancement Shaman Soloable Bosses

  • Awesome, thanks for the advice, going to try them today.

  • wow that pro, and ez gold farm haha. Thx for the tips

  • Thx for the guide’s :). Did doomwalker and Magtheridon today. Piece of cake. havent had the chance to try Kazzak yet, because someone else have killed him and he hasnt respawned yet.

    Nice and fast way to farm some gold, and helps alot for the achievement: Got my mind on my Money 🙂

  • some feedback considering tanking classes trying to solo magtheridon:

    Tried to solo him to day, on a paladin (tank specced with pre-raid gear – not BiS though). Followed tactic, tank all and try to survive. I made it to 30%. So i reckon it would be possible with a bit of better gear that way.

    • Thanks for the Feedback. As DPS class Shamans do not have enough avoidance for that, but I heard from other tanks that they do it successfully the way you describe.

  • It’s possible to solo the chess event in karazhan (which, in turn, lets you solo Prince Malchezzar); you just have to get lucky and hope the king advances within striking distance of your king within the first few moves of the game. If he doesn’t, it probably won’t happen.

    • @Dawgster
      Thanks for the Tipp! I always stop at Netherspite 😀 probably easier and faster to do 2 daily quests than 1 chess event. But you are right!

  • Soloed all of the bosses listed above and had a blast doing so. Made lots of gold and got some items I wish had dropped for me when the content was progression! Add Morogrim Tidewalker to the list of what we can solo. Also Gruul’s Lair.

    Im currently trying to do Voidwalker and Kaelthas. Both are a little tough!

    • @Tornadofang

      How did you proceed on Morogrim? He sems rather difficult to kill. I managed to stay alive some time, but eventually I got overrun by adds, also his -400% attack speed did not really help.

  • @Slant

    I pulled him to the far side of the room where one pack of adds spawned. this way I could kill them before the others got to me. When either pack got to me, I dropped my magma totem and used fire nova to kill them off quick. I also only used my maelstrom procs for healing myself and used my cooldowns wisely. If I was under 40% and got the melee speed debuff I would use Shamanistic rage or Spirit Wolves to boost myself up or “keep my head above water”. I did use both of my elementals but they werent necessary because I had too much aggro for my earth elemental to take some hits and my fire elemental didnt do much b ecause I used it at the very end.

    Soloing bosses has been my favorite thing to do since I soloed Onyxia back when she was a 40 man raid and 70 was the cap!

    • @Tornadofang
      Thansk a lot for the advice! I’ll defintiely try it. Killed Teron Gorefiend last night, he is super easy, video being uploaded as we speak (my internet is super slow, goign to tak ea few hours as my leotheras kill is first in queue)

  • Question, was messing around today and figured I would make this a once a week thing. How did you advance in BT, the gate is down after Naj’entus. Cant solo him he has nobody to spear to get the spear, he just heals back up with shield on. Just curious, but cleared up to chess event no problem and did Mag, he is a fun fight solo. Gonna try and clear off as much of this list as possible before servers go down.

    • Yep, as you can see Najentus isn’t on the list. I just had someone standing next to me that got spiked (can be afk, its just about getting the spike – and well they get 125g for doing that). The fight itself isn’t hard. Maybe next tier we can solo it and jsut kill him before shield.

  • lol yeah didn’t think about that, only really need one person as a body to get spiked. Will have to try that when servers come back up. Maybe catch some world bosses up as well. I tried Grulls lair last night as well. I think I can get High King Mulgar, I just need a tad more gear. I could get him close before his adds killed my Earth Ele, but just couldn’t get him over the top. So might be able to add him to your list as well in time.

  • Latest patch notes almost brought a tear to my eye. They are taking the fun and profit out of it.

    Dungeons & Raids
    The gold amounts on the following encounters have been substantially reduced: Flame Leviathan, Magtheridon, Gruul the Dragonkiller, Doom Lord Kazzak, and all encounters in Karazhan.

    • @Sweetmojo
      Yep wanted to test how much gold it actually is, going to prepare a post about it. On the Other hand I am not doing it for the gold in the first place. It was just a nice side effect.

  • Add Void Reaver to the list, all you have to do is to kite him and and u will get like 1-2 sec without silence and use that for healing wave, wolves or shamanistic rage.

    also use stonekin totem on cd with the glyph.

    Killed it on the first try so not that hard imo.

  • Add Sapphiron to the list aswell if it isnt on it 😛
    Had to respec into improved healing and magical reduction to make it.

  • Just have to add that Keal’thas sunstrider is soloable aswell, killed him today. going to upload a video on youtube if you want to see how i did 😛

    • @Kapténx
      Cool grats! I can link the video here. The bosses above are the ones I was able to solo. Hence I did not add Sapphiron or Kael. yet. But good to know that you managed to get Kael’Thas down!

  • Thanks 🙂 that would be nice ^^ uploading it on youtube over the night.
    Aha i c 🙂
    Well i managed to solo whole plauge quater aswell, not much of a big deal. try it out 🙂

    • That is pretty nice. Thought Anub’Arak was the easiest to kill in Naxxramas, but I did not manage him and basically never went back to retry.
      Just uploaded the Sapphiron Video.

  • Yeah it was nice. Tbh i thought so too but it turnd out that he wasn’t 😛
    anyway here is the video for the kael’thas kill, enjoy.

  • Just wanted to say great work Myrddin, your youtube videos inspired me to solo stuff on my shaman instead of my blood dk for the challenge.

    I gave Vashj one try a couple weeks ago and I’m pretty sure she’s soloable, but intense. I’m working on my gear and will give it some more serious tries in a week or two. I got to the third core before I was overrun, but my gear sucks and with practice I bet it’s doable. Couple comments, 1) obviously ghost wolf over immediately once the tainted elemental spawns 2) use tremor totem and burn the striders ASAP when they spawn 3) use 4 piece PVP set for increased healing from Maelstrom procs 4) leave a magma totem by Vashj to help kill the elementals before they reach her.

    Also, got to Azgalor pretty easily in Hyjal. Died to him on my first attempt (about 20%) but it’s definitely possible with a little better gear (I’m mostly 346/359 stuff, nothing special), plus I didn’t think it was worth moving out of the rain of fire, but I was wrong. Didn’t want to bother with the trash again for another attempt. That means Hyjal is completely soloable for a shammy, as I don’t expect Archimonde to be a problem.

    • @Cremefraiche
      Well, no clue how to manage taking the shields down solo at Vashj. Sounded like a boss that you can’t really solo.
      Azgalor could be doable, not sure how doom works with only a tank present, if it works like normal you need to be fast killing him, hehe. I tried once, but I died and the battle did not reset for some hours.

      • Soloed all of Mount Hyjal last night. Azgalor doesn’t seem to doom on just the tank, so as long as I moved out of the rain of fire it was actually pretty easy. The only real trick to Archimonde is to constantly decurse yourself. Other than that, tremor totem every other fear and stay out of the fire, and it’s also pretty easy.

        Apparently they changed Vashj so you can move holding the cores now. Like I said, I got 3 of the 4 cores down on my first try, so better gear and refined strategy could make it doable. Mionelol soloed it already (check out the youtube video, its pretty impressive).

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