Previous tries did not work so well and I haven’t tried for a long time. Always thought with a bit better gear and some rng it would be possible at some point. This reset Anub’Rekhan, first boss of the Naxxramas Spiderwing was overdue. This was a messy kill and halfway through I was certain to die, ran towards the entrance to wipe. Next week I’ll give you a better kill.


The fight is a bit extreme, especially when the add joins the fight. The add will place a dot on you, hurting a lot once it stacks up. The way I’ll kill him next reset is to start off with shamanistic rage (maybe it is wiser to wait with that until the wolves run out) and pop wolves as soon as the add spawns and to kill him asap. I’d save heroism for that point, too.
The rest of the fight is about RNG a dodge/parry might make the difference. Make good use of Stoneclaw Totem (glyphed).


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18 Responses to Myrddin solos Anub’Rekhan 10m

  • so. fucking. close. damn that was sketchy, but grats! that was cool. im glad you’re uploading more often now 🙂

  • Thanks
    Yeah, as I wrote I did not think I’d make it and wanted to wipe it. Next reset You’ll get a proper kill. Got Maexxna, too without fraps though … she is really tricky, got a screenshot at

  • Bravo 🙂 Your posts are so inspiring.

  • Good to see you killing stuff again 😉
    Looked a bit like you were panicing at the end haha 😀
    Hope its going well with everything else though! 🙂

    • @Haggil
      Indeed, I did not think I’d make it and thought to wipe it … thus I ran to the entrance … You could read this here and on youtube, too 😉 Indeed going ok, and for you?

  • Yea, pretty good so far, no money for subscribtion. So i’ve stopped until, maybe, the pandas arrive 😉

  • Wow, Draenei look really cool. Wish I had rolled my shaman one instead of a dwarf. 😛

  • Thanks, the looks of male Draenei are always under heavy discussion. Personally I am a fan of the fierce, mean looks 😀 at least if you are not horde.

  • ok, anub got him on first try easy mode. and since you have no posts about maexx: god damn shes a total bitch! got her down to 600k on one of the tries but i keep getting coocooned and dying….hate her soo much.

    • ops, didnt mean to post that yet. anyways, thanks for putting up the vids, and the tip about venom sacs was a goodie.

      • Hehe, np! could have just rewritten the comment as you liked it and I’d have deleted the old. Glad that you like the videos. I won’t have much room for making the post this week, working on a new spacy intro as I have some time, but yeah Maexxna is tough. Need the poison sacs from lower blackrock spire and also need to wait to kll the spiders and wait for the stun before bringing her to enrage (~30%) since she will start to hit like a truck.

  • well, just did it. spiderwing is down. thanks so much for all of your help. it went pretty well, i made a couple of blunders where i wasted healing when poison was up, also i forgot to time the webspin with the 30 percent rage, so he downed me to 8k, but i saved my dogs and shaman rage all fight so after i got out i had stoneclaw, shammy rage and dogs. so not a biggie downing him. you should try kel thuzad if you havent, hes not too hard but gets kinda intense at the end.

    again, thanks.

    • @Konglatomi
      Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, timing stuff on Maexxna makes it much easier, but it is kind of hard to do since we need msw stacks, etc.
      Thought about KT earlier, but did not try, yet 😀 Always wanted to wait for that for a bit better gear, but its hard tog et gear when you are not raiding 😀

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