Jewelcrafting and Socketing Preview

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Blizzard published more information about the upcoming new professions Jewelcrafting and Socketing. They also included a web based example of how it will work. Jewelcrafters can learn several types of cuts for each kind of gem: the Azure Moonstone, for example, can be cut into a lustrous, stormy, solid, or sparkling Azure Moonstone, and each one of these cuts offers different bonuses when used in a socketable item. Take a look here.

Rogue Talent Review for Patch 1.12

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Here is some information and links about the upcoming rogue changes in patch 1.12. Rogue Talent Changes Eviscerate, Rupture and Garrote Rogue Talent Review Rogue Talent Calculator Finally there is a little buff for us rogues, but I am not 100% sure how I will finally set my talents. The changes are less than I expected, since they left out a buff for Sinister Strike and I am not happy at all with Vanish, Blind and Adrenaline Rush.

Paid Character Transfer F.A.Q.

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Blizzard is beginning to offer a paid Realm- and an Accounttransfer service for 19.99€. Due to high population and other restrictions not all Realms will be available as target from the beginning. Also the account-to-account transfer service is severely restricted. You can read everything here.

PTR Patch Notes for Patch 1.12

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With the introduction of Patch 1.12 on the Public Test Realms, Blizzard Entertainment has published the patch notes here. The kewords are Cross-Realm Battlegrounds, World PvP, Rogue Talent Changes.

Thunderfury change in 1.12

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Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker will receive a nice change. It will no longer be a mainhand only weapon and you will be able to wield it in offhand. The change has been confirmed on the US Public Test Realm Forum. Personally I do not understand the hype about this change since the sword is rather rare and there is quite a number of guilds out there that have not gotten the necessary drops in 1 year of weekly Molten Core raids.

Lack of updates

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Sorry for recent the lack of uodates. After I left Blizzard Entertainment I was forced to to develop my patience in order to bear the bureaucracy of the French and German authorities. Currently I moved to Pirmasens, the town where I grew up. Its beatufully located in the south western part of Germany, close to the french border. There is a lot of forest, castles and sandstone rocks everywhere. The financial power of the area is quite low, so its hard to find a job. I am focussing on finding a job a little further north, close to Mainz and …

Ask the WOW Developers!

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World of Warcraft Stratics has published answers by the developers to various Questions. “Does a higher skilled fisherman(woman) catch fish faster than a someone of lower skill? Or maybe higher skill has a higher chance of catching better fish?”. You can find the answer and more here.

Patch 1.12 Highlights

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With the release of content patch 1.11 Blizzard has given us information about the contents of patch 1.12: Cross-Realm Battlegrounds For the first time in the history of World of Warcraft, you will be able to face off against players from other realms in the Battlegrounds World PvP The stage is set for objective-based land battles of truly epic proportions as Horde and Alliance vie for control over important strategic positions and resources around Azeroth. Rogue Talent Review Next in the ongoing talent review are the rogues. You can find the summary here.