A week ago I decided to see if I was able to kill Sartharion 3D, but I could not – YET. However I frapsed Sartharion, the old one was a “sloppy” first kill and this one is much smoother as you can see. There is also a Shadron solo part, so you can clear the Instance solo.


The tactics haven’t changed since the first kill, in fact the current level of loot makes it even easier than before. Basically it is a tank and spank fight and the only thing you need to look out for are the walls of fire that spawn at the right or left once in a while. Make sure you – and Sartharion’s little adds – do not get hit by it or you will take extra damage, adds would enrage.


Killing Sharon, one of the other Minibosses, solo is a bit tricky. Unless you have the required dps to burst Shadron down before the shadow add spawns (he becomes immune to damage the boss will despawn once you enter the shadow realm to kill the add) you will need the following trick to get past this problem:

  • engage and dps the boss
  • wait for shadow add to spawn
  • enter the shadow realm
  • shadron will despawn
  • now place either Fire Elemental or Earth Elemental before the boss spawns again
  • Shadron will spawn and you will dps him
  • the shadow add will spawn again
  • but now as you enter the shadow realm the boss will turn towards the elemental and you can kill the shadow add
  • kill shadron


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9 Responses to Rekill: Sartharion 10 man solo

  • nice fight very well done and how come you got fl gear do u like the set bonus more then the t13 one?

  • @thamoslil
    Yes, hct12 > normal t13.

  • Have you tried 3D sarth at all?

  • I tend to hit about 35% before drakes come down with lust/wolves/pots, then get absolutely wrecked.

  • Well you need to fight cautious, use all msw to keep your health up. Might try to start with ShamanisticRage, then pop Wolves when it runs out, then you haveonly 15 seconds to cover before you can use shamanistic rage again.

    Also make sure none of the little elementals get hit by the flame wave, they enrage and start to hurt bad.

  • Not, yet

  • Oh.. normal mode was a joke.
    I’m not worried about that. It’s having to tank all of the adds on 3D. The earth ele works for a second, but just doesn’t cut it.

  • I tried Sarth3d a bit today, came to about 20ish percent, but then the other dragons goes active. Tried different tactics, like using wolves how + elementals to buy some more time.

    Ended up going Ulduar and solod XT and Razorscale though 😀

  • Hey do you think 25man sarth solo no drakes up is doable as enhance shaman?

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