Work in Progress, Intro!

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If you have seen some of my videos you’ll notice that I like to have a special into. The very first videos were pretty basic, but they became more complex over time. When you look around the internet you’ll notice many real cool intros popping up. Tools like adobe after effects make it possible to create incredible effects without having to own a Studio in Hollywood 😀

9/11/2001, 10 years ago

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10 years ago, it was an afternoon at the office … not too much to do and I was browsing the forum. We were posting about game stuff, when someone posted that a plane hit the World Trade Center. I recall being amused at first … not about the incident, but about the fact that a pilot could actuall hit such a big obstacle by mistake.

Myrddin at MMO-Game.EU Portal

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Since I changed this site to a blog (in 2006) has been a World of Warcraft related site. However now and then I’d like to write about other games too, but at the same time not clutter the blog with unrelated posts. For games like Fallout 3, Mass Effect, Witcher 2 I have been mainly using other forums instead. This has been bugging me for a while.

Not much to post these days

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The recent lack of news postings isn’t due to slacking. There is simply not much to say about the state of Enhancement Shamans these days. During PTR already I posted about the Fire Nova changes, which are so awkward to use, and no other changes affect us, yet.

New Look!

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As you have noticed the past weeks there were some lack of updates.  However I made good use of my spare time as you can see! The previous Theme was pretty nice, but due to all the stuff that was listed it was an Information overkill and the right posts were hard to find. In the next days I plan to improve that a lot. I’ll remove and overhaul pages and navigation.

Theme Showcase

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As some of you may know I sometimes create wordpress themes. Once in a while you run across a design, that doesn’t fit the goal you had in mind, but at the same time is too nice to just thrash. There are probably a a couple of people who can use these and finish customization for themselves.

Personal: Helicopters

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In 1991-1996 I have been part of the German Army Aviation Forces. I had the choice to waste 1 year of my life as conscript or actually get something back from the army. I decided to become offcier, helicopter pilot and study at the University of German Armed forces in Hamburg. Back then you had to sign up for 14 years for this career. In 1994/1995 however I noticed that my real interest was computers and also my professor told me I was too intelligent to “waste my life in the army” 😀 Fortunately the forces got reduced at the …

Moved to New Server

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It’s been done! Last week I moved to a bit faster and better Server. Nah! Not in World of Warcraft! The Hardware that this Website runs on. Not like I have thousands of visitors, but now and then some major site links to this one and things start to get slow, really slow 😀 The major issue of the server was its operating system that had end of life cycle 2 years ago and new features became more tedious to deploy.