GM Response on LFR Loot Rolls

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Just a quick heads up on the LFR Loot Rolls. I was going for a second round as I passed on my first one and noticed I was not allowed to roll on loot. Hence I asked a GM if it was bugged.

GM conversation

  • Eilrethane whispers: Greetings Myrddin, I am Game Master Eilrethane. I am sorry for interrupting your gaming, but can you spare a moment to discuss your issue regarding loot?
  • To Eilrethane: hiya, sure
  • To Eilrethane: I find the previous reply unclear
  • To Eilrethane: sorry for bothering again
  • To Eilrethane: but I am not allowed to even roll greed, as it counts like a NEED roll, which I can only do once per boss per week?
  • Eilrethane whispers: The raid finder allows players to be eligible for loot only once per week. This does unfortunately not take into regard if you need, greed or win an item.
  • To Eilrethane: so I have to pass in order to go and try again?
  • Eilrethane whispers: Actually, not even then.
  • To Eilrethane: so I can only go once a week no matter what?
  • To Eilrethane: (and be eligible to loot)
  • Eilrethane whispers: Yeah, unfortunately. :/
  • Eilrethane whispers: Once per boss.
  • To Eilrethane: pretty silly system
  • To Eilrethane: I can understand the receive 1 item per reset limit
  • To Eilrethane: but everything beyond that is pretty silly
  • Eilrethane whispers: Well, it is a casual alternative to keep people from farming full set of gear from raids for a full raid. :p
  • To Eilrethane: but thanks for clearing it up
  • Eilrethane whispers: Well, in theory, you can get up to 6 items per boss each week, assuming you can roll need on all the loot that drops. :p
  • To Eilrethane: well by getting 1 item per week, sub item level is hardly what you can call “farming full set of gear”
  • To Eilrethane: so it is silly to pass on anythign for worse geared people, since it doesn’t matter at all good good
  • Eilrethane whispers: Exactly. :p
  • Eilrethane whispers: Go crazy, shamans are the new hunters.
  • To Eilrethane: I hope you can pass that on, this is a real flaw in the system
  • To Eilrethane: yeah, I was awesome already before, but this patch really improved it for us
  • Eilrethane whispers: I believe this is something that is already being watched and the feedback will be coming up on the forums quite soon as well.
  • To Eilrethane: for once we are top … guess we will be nerfed soon
  • Eilrethane whispers: Pfft, let’s hope not. ^^
  • Eilrethane whispers: Awh.
  • To Eilrethane: well thanks for clearing things up
  • Eilrethane whispers: No worries. ^^
  • Eilrethane whispers: Apart from that, are there any other issues that I may assist you with, Myrddin?
  • To Eilrethane: no thanks, not like I needed stuff from the lfr
  • To Eilrethane: was just wondering why I was not allowed to roll
  • To Eilrethane: I think LFR is a real fun way to play
  • To Eilrethane: I was in doubt about it, but after trying it was realyl amazing
  • Eilrethane whispers: Hehe, indeed.
  • Eilrethane whispers: If there is nothing else that I can help you with. Farewell then, Myrddin. Hear the tales of the Ancestors, let them inspire and guide you on your journey.

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