Husky talking ‘Growl’

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You have probably seen videos of Huskies talking. They are communicative and likes to talk. Akiak, my previous Husky, loved it… we could talk for minutes and he seemed to enjoy it.

Ninja however was completely silent during the first 2 years. No barking, no howling, no talking… Eventually I noticed when I tease him with commands, that he would make a very decent “growling” sound… I used rewards to make him bark on command.

I recall how difficult it was… his “growling complaint” when I was teasing him happened once maybe every couple of days and it was difficult to properly reward him for it.

Once Ninja realized that I was not mad at him got “talking back”, I was able to teach a “friendly growl” on command. I am not sure if it serves a purpose or not… initially, he would not bark or growl and I think this is a matter of respect… Even now, I need to encourage Ninja a few times, before he starts to growl/bark.

You can see that he often licks his snout, it is to appease me “This is not serious; we are just having fun… right?”

You wanted more videos, hope you like it 😊

On a side note:
We lost our collar at our last stay in Switzerland. Can anyone recommend a good manufacture? We usually have some custom made collar made of soft leather that can easily be pulled over his head. The one used in the video is a bit too long and can hit Ninjas teeth. We need a new one!

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  1. That is pretty impressive 😀 Very nice video and gorgeous doggo. I’m commenting here because am logged out of youtube and too lazy to log there.
    I noted how natural it’s for him to bark growhl and then jump in as if to bite, he did it a few times and always stares away or walks back afterwards – it’s such a nice way to show he’s controlling himself. Very intelligent friend.
    Best regards 🙂

    1. Author

      Thank You very much… so annoying how you always have to log into youtube. I mean you are logged on all the time until you comment something and all of a sudden they want your credentials 😀
      We trained this… he only jumps and growls if I encourage him for a bit… like start some easy tricks that he can show off… “Look, that is how good I can do this!” and then let him bark… the first ones are pretty hesistant… but then he realizes it’s ok and goes on 🙂
      The walking back part is how we trained bark… so that is still left of it… he started to complain when I let him walk back 4-5 times with a suppressed “woooof” and I rewarded that… at some point he barked at each “back!”… so I had to untrain that for “back!”. Also I like to position him a few steps back for the camera 🙂

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