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Its 03:25 am now and I have just finished watching another episode of Heroes. At first I had a lot of prejudiced against this series – I mean marvel kind of super heroes, new evolution to mankind, people developing their powers. It simply sounded so *yawn* Everywhere you hear that the series is so good, which is usually another sign that Something is so mainstream that I do not like it. So I refused to even look at the series, but last week I was so bored that I finally started to watch the first episodes and I am really …

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In 1995 I started my first website and the University of Armed Forces in Germany in Hamburg and always liked to design them – that did not mean that I was realyl good at it 😉 About 10-15 years back I have read a nice book about the historical background of merlin and thus used the name myrddin from then on in all RPG’s I played, especially in MMORPG’s. It has been almost 10 years now that I have this domain active. During the last years I have more or less used the website simply as a design project without …

France Telecom starts pilot project with ultrafast internet access

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For the first 100 lucky internet users France Telecom is testing fast FTTH (Fiber To The Home) internet access with 2.5 Gigabit/s download and 1.5 Gigabit/s upload. The customers located in the Paris area pay 70€ a month for Internet, digital television and telephone flatrate. Read on here(German) for further Information or browse the Site of France Telecom.

Lack of updates

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Sorry for recent the lack of uodates. After I left Blizzard Entertainment I was forced to to develop my patience in order to bear the bureaucracy of the French and German authorities. Currently I moved to Pirmasens, the town where I grew up. Its beatufully located in the south western part of Germany, close to the french border. There is a lot of forest, castles and sandstone rocks everywhere. The financial power of the area is quite low, so its hard to find a job. I am focussing on finding a job a little further north, close to Mainz and …