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It has been a blast!

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You probably wondered why I haven’t posted about World of Warcraft in a while. The simple truth is that my motivation has been steadily declining with the lack of updates and content. Just do the math, from November ’11 to Sept’12 that is 10 months and fees without new content …

Crazy Sales

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I know people are always doubting if my business model in wow really works. What I am doing it to keep stuff at a high price at the auction house and never undercut anyone. In fact my prices are often 5-8 times higher than normal and people often write me nice mails that I am crazy … but what can I say … it works!

Total Gold Acquired: August 2010

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Quite surprisingly, due to slacking ingame the total amount acquired gold has risen significantly since march. Even the daily amount of earned gold is above 2k now.

Total Gold Acquired: March 2010

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It has been almost 18 months since the introduction of the Achievement System and the statistic tabs of my characters show an impressive amount of 966 000g total gold acquired.

Earning Gold: Blues, Epic

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Generally I like to avoid selling Blues and Epics, because I find it rather difficult to find the balance between making most profit and getting people to buy my auctions. Also the pure profit is usually much lower than selling for example Glyphs. Basically the same principle I am using for Enchanting Materials and Gylphs works on Blues/Epics/Gems aswell. I don’t ever undercut people, since their auctions will sell and then I am selling mine for much more profit. But putting up 5000 Blue Items of the same kind doesn’t really make sense to me. Lets look at an example …