Work in Progress, Intro!

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If you have seen some of my videos you’ll notice that I like to have a special into. The very first videos were pretty basic, but they became more complex over time. When you look around the internet you’ll notice many real cool intros popping up. Tools like adobe after effects make it possible to create incredible effects without having to own a Studio in Hollywood πŸ˜€

Personal: Helicopters

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In 1991-1996 I have been part of the German Army Aviation Forces. I had the choice to waste 1 year of my life as conscript or actually get something back from the army. I decided to become offcier, helicopter pilot and study at the University of German Armed forces in Hamburg. Back then you had to sign up for 14 years for this career. In 1994/1995 however I noticed that my real interest was computers and also my professor told me I was too intelligent to “waste my life in the army” πŸ˜€ Fortunately the forces got reduced at the …

Blizzcon 2009 Live Streams

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I am sure you are equally excited about the coming news form Blizzcon. Fortunately there are some free feeds with some sort of coverage! Thanks for sharing them! First one is from fastman1000 Second oneΒ  is from Kaiba12 UStream.TV on bconstream on Wyle on Xfire xfire_lokkek

How to kill annoying Goldspammers!

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Izriul from Laughing Skull made an interesting post on the official forum, how to kill Gold Sellers with the Shaman Fire Nova Totems (see the original post here). The basic idea is, that totems become neutral for a splitsecond, once their owner logs off just before they disappear. If you time the Fire Nova Explosion for the brief periods where the totem will be neutral it will deal damage to allied players. Testing it I found out that it works best for me to type /camp, but not to hit enter until yata (yet another totem addon) shows 1.6 seconds …