World of Logs DPS Rankings

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The most motivation I have gotten from raiding in the past was Topping Class DPS Meters. In TBC The WWScoreboard was the best website to display Rankings, per Boss, per Class and an average Total. World of Logs has a similar feature, the Ranking Page here. It is a very nice list, but it does not include any kind of filters, yet. As Enhancement Shaman it is often tedious to find the proper page and thus I created and easy way to access the pages. Just select class, fight, difficulty and get directed to the proper Ranking Page.

Blizzcon 2009 Live Streams

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I am sure you are equally excited about the coming news form Blizzcon. Fortunately there are some free feeds with some sort of coverage! Thanks for sharing them! First one is from fastman1000 Second one  is from Kaiba12 UStream.TV on bconstream on Wyle on Xfire xfire_lokkek

Kil’Jaeden down by Borked/Kwak Herders.

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Finally we have Kil’Jaeden down. The beginning of summer, soccer championship, wwi and not at last the upcoming expansion Wrath of the Lich King thinned out our Guild roster a bit. So we decided do raid with another Guild on Ravencrest that is in a similar situation and created a joint venture to get Kil’Jaeden down. It was a sunny saturday afternoon when we started to raid and I was prepared for some wiping and learning, but after numerous raiding days the past week, we got him down the second try. I was quite surprised as I hadn’t expected him …

How to kill annoying Goldspammers!

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Izriul from Laughing Skull made an interesting post on the official forum, how to kill Gold Sellers with the Shaman Fire Nova Totems (see the original post here). The basic idea is, that totems become neutral for a splitsecond, once their owner logs off just before they disappear. If you time the Fire Nova Explosion for the brief periods where the totem will be neutral it will deal damage to allied players. Testing it I found out that it works best for me to type /camp, but not to hit enter until yata (yet another totem addon) shows 1.6 seconds …

Badge of Tediousy

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Slant (NE Rogue, Ravencrest) is now Level 68, Slanty (Human Rogue, Ravencrest) 70, Pathfinder (NE Druid, Ravencrest) 70, Katya (NE Hunter, Ravencrest) 70 and Myrddin (Draenei Shaman Ravencrest) 70. Guess I am quite a nolife geek atm. With the Introduction of Patch 2.1 I thought I'd play Slanty a bit more but the Druid love just draws me to playing the Druid all the time. Its just the stupid Badge of Tenacity that is so annyoing to grind. I have been grinding for 7 days in Blades edge now, killed at least 12k Mobs, most likely up to 15k, in …