Here is the content of my TQVault tradelist and you can download it here. You can leave a comment below if you appreciate the hard work of farming these items for you. The password is at the end of the post.

Legendary Weapons

Acheron’s Touch
Agamemnon’s Scepter
Alexander’s Spear
Amazonian Spear
Amen-Ra’s Magebane
Apollo’s Curved Bow
Archon’s Judgment
Ares’ Wrath
Artemis’ Silver Bow
Atalanta’s Bow
Atropos’ Assistant
Axe of Tereus
Bow of Eurytus
Bow of Herakles
Chromatic Staff
Demeter’s Sorrow
Doxa Kalo
Enkidu’s Stand
Erysichthon’s Hunger
Fei Lian’s Galespear
Fingerbone of Boreas
Geras’ Walking Stick
Glacial Maul
Hades’ Scepter
Hand of Hephaestus
Hecate’s Rod
Hector’s Spear
Helios’ Fury
Horn of Tiamat
Huo Qubing’s Ceremonial Blade
Kraken’s Fist
Kuan Ti’s Sorrow
Kwan Yin’s Final Mercy
Lei Kun’s Gnarled Staff
Lykaion Malleus
Moros Nyx
Nemesis’ Recurve
Orion’s Mace
Peleus’ Ashen Spear
Persephone’s Caress
Prometheus’ Gift
Qin Warbow
Queen Zenobia’s Spear
Riddle of the Sphinx
Rod of the Ancients
Sapros the Corrupter
Scepter of Thanatos
Staff of Elysium
Sword of Damocles
Teucer’s Warbow
The Furies
Theogenes’ Onslaught
Thorny Maul
Thyestes’ Scheme
Truncheon of Malice
Zhu Rong’s Firebow

Legendary Shields

Achilles ShieldAbyssal Shield
Ajax’ Bronze Tower
Alexander’s Pelta
Athena’s Mirrored Shield
Bloodthirst the Glutton
Chi Gon’s Resolve
Crest of Taurus
Ebon Greatshield
Eidolon Shell
Golden Shield of Pelaron
Hades’ Aspis
Hector’s Shimmering Shield
Hephaestus’ Molten Shield
Hera’s Shield
Leatherskin Shield
Priam’s Gate
Scale of the Black Dragon
Shield of the Hideous Visage
Shield of the Korybantes
Spectral Defender
Sun Disc
Zeno’s Third Paradox

Legendary Armor & Jewelry

Abyssal Bracers
Abyssal Greaves
Abyssal Plate
Abyssal Shield
Agamemnon’s Death Mask
Alexander’s Bracer
Alexander’s Cuirass
Alexander’s Greaves
Alexander’s Plumed Helm
Amulet of Hygeia
Aphrodite’s Favor
Apollo’s Will
Archimedes’ Cogwheel
Archmage’s Clasp
Archmage’s Diadem
Archmage’s Leggings
Archmage’s Mantle
Ares’ War Helm
Armor of Achilles
Armor of Peleus
Armor of the Burning Blade
Assassin’s Bracers
Assassin’s Greaves
Assassin’s Harness
Assassin’s Shroud
Athena’s Battle Greaves
Azuresilk Vestment
Babeizi Gi
Band of Souls
Battlemage Bracers
Battlemage Circlet
Battlemage Greaves
Battlemage Robe
Bellerophon’s Leggings
Black Cage of Tartarus
Blessing of the Gods
Bone Bracers
Bone Breastplate
Bone Greaves
Bone Helm
Bracelets of Aman’Da
Bracers of the Nemean Lion
Calypso’s Cover
Celestial Band
Certhas Plate
Chiron’s Gaze
Chiron’s Loop
Coil of Resilience
Conqueror’s Bracers
Conqueror’s Brain-cage
Conqueror’s Buskin
Conqueror’s Plate
Crystalline Armor
Crystalline Bracers
Crystalline Greaves
Crystalline Helm
Dark Justice of Tartarus
Diogenes’ Chiton
Diogenes’ Chiton
Diogenes’ Wrap
Dionysus’ Jerkin
Dragon’s Breath
Essence of Styx
Etruscan Cuirass
Eye of Flame
Eye of Horus
Feng Xao’s Meditation Robes
Ferrus Gnosi
Greaves of the Nemean Lion
Heartsong Armlets
Helm of Darkness
Helm of Odysseus
Helm of the Nemean Lion
Hermes’ Talaria
Hermes’ Winged Helm
Hesione’s Golden Veil
Huo Qubing’s Armguards
Huo Qubing’s Cuirass
Huo Qubing’s Greaves
Huo Qubing’s Helm
Inexorable Grip of Tartarus
Kondoran Girdle
Mantle of Sa’jun
Mantle of the Secretos
Mark of Ares
Mindrage Robe
Mora-Go’s Armor
Murk Crawlers
Myrmidon’s Pendant
Necklace of Harmonia
Odysseus’ Armor
Orpheus’ Garland
Pan’s Headdress
Pelt of the Nemean Lion
Pendant of Immortal Rage
Penumbra Plate
Permafrost Bracelet
Protean Armor
Purifying Truesilver Bracelet
Raiment of Xi’Gua
Rhesus’ Whitewashed Armor
Ring of Gaia
Robes of Sidiros Loros
San Bai’s Robe
Scourge Wrap
Seal of Hephaestus
Senbi’s Clasp
Shavo’s Relic
Shroud of Eirene
Sun Lu-Shan’s Armor
Thoth’s Mark
Tracker’s Armor
Tracker’s Gloves
Tracker’s Hood
Tracker’s Leg Guard
Unyielding Shackles of Tartarus
Verdant Plate
Vestment of the Overlord
Wyrmskin Harness

Relics & Charms

Legendary Mechanical Parts (Completion Bonus: character_abilityoffensive_04)
Legendary Yeti Fur (Completion Bonus: defensive_resistcold_03)
Legendary Viny Growth (Completion Bonus: character_attributelife_03)
Legendary Demon’s Blood (Completion Bonus: defensive_liferesist_03)
Legendary Peng Claw (Completion Bonus: character_speedattack_03)
Legendary Peng Claw (Completion Bonus: offensive_damagebonus_03)
Incarnation of Yen-Lo-Wang’s Bloodletting (Completion Bonus: offensive_+%damage_04)
Incarnation of Guan-Yu’s Grace (Completion Bonus: character_speedrun_01)
Incarnation of Guan-Yu’s Grace (Completion Bonus: character_abilitydefensive_07)
Incarnation of Artemis’ Bowstring (Completion Bonus: offensive_damagepierce_05)
Incarnation of Artemis’ Bowstring (Completion Bonus: character_speedattack_04)
Incarnation of Prometheus’ Flame (Completion Bonus: offensive_+%fire_04)
Incarnation of Prometheus’ Flame (Completion Bonus: offensive_damagefire_05)
Incarnation of Zeus’ Thunderbolt (Completion Bonus: character_speedattack_04)
Incarnation of Archimedes’ Mirror (Completion Bonus: retaliation_leechlife_03)
Incarnation of Hecate’s Crescent (Completion Bonus: offensive_leechmana_03)
Incarnation of Shen-Nong’s Dark Medicine (Completion Bonus: offensive_%poison_03)
Incarnation of Li-Nezha’s Guile (Completion Bonus: character_speedrun_01)
Incarnation of Li-Nezha’s Guile (Completion Bonus: character_attributedexterity_05)
Incarnation of Prometheus’ Flame (Completion Bonus: character_speedattack_04)
Incarnation of Artemis’ Bowstring (Completion Bonus: offensive_damagebonus_05)
Incarnation of Prometheus’ Flame (Completion Bonus: offensive_+%damage_04)
Incarnation of the Valor of Achilles (Completion Bonus: offensive_damagebonus_05)
Incarnation of the Valor of Achilles (Completion Bonus: offensive_+%damage_04)
Legendary Turtle Shell (Completion Bonus: character_attributestrength_03)
Incarnation of Set’s Betrayal (Completion Bonus: character_attributedexterity_05)
Incarnation of Guan-Yu’s Grace (Completion Bonus: character_speedattack_01)
Legendary Pristine Plumage (Completion Bonus: defensive_resistpoison_03)
Incarnation of the Valor of Achilles (Completion Bonus: character_speedattack_04)
Legendary Mechanical Parts (Completion Bonus: defensive_%protection_02)
Incarnation of Herakles’ Might (Completion Bonus: character_%strength_01)
Legendary Mechanical Parts (Completion Bonus: character_attributedexterity_03)
Incarnation of Amun-Ra’s Glory (Completion Bonus: character_attributelife_05)
Incarnation of the Golden Fleece (Completion Bonus: character_attributeenergy_06)
Legendary Turtle Shell (Completion Bonus: character_abilitydefensive_06)
Legendary Venom Sac (Completion Bonus: offensive_damagepoison_03)
Legendary Spectral Matter (Completion Bonus: offensive_%manaburn_03)
Legendary Diseased Plumage (Completion Bonus: offensive_%poison_03)
Legendary Raptor Tooth (Completion Bonus: character_speedattack_02)
Legendary Diseased Plumage (Completion Bonus: character_attributedexterity_03)
Incarnation of Archimedes’ Mirror (Completion Bonus: retaliation_pierce_03)
Incarnation of the Code of Hammurabi (Completion Bonus: character_cooldownreduction_01)
Incarnation of Set’s Betrayal (Completion Bonus: offensive_%bleed_03)
Incarnation of Anubis’ Wrath (Completion Bonus: offensive_+%damage_04)
Incarnation of the Jade Emperor’s Serenity (Completion Bonus: defensive_resistlightning_01)
Legendary Mechanical Parts (Completion Bonus: character_attributestrength_03)
Legendary Lupine Claw (Completion Bonus: offensive_+%damage to demons_01)
Legendary Spectral Matter (Completion Bonus: offensive_%manaburn_03)
Legendary Spectral Matter (Completion Bonus: character_attributeenergy_04)
Incarnation of Hecate’s Crescent (Completion Bonus: character_attributeenergy_05)
Incarnation of Zeus’ Thunderbolt (Completion Bonus: offensive_damagebonus_05)
Incarnation of Shen-Nong’s Dark Medicine (Completion Bonus: offensive_+%damage_04)
Incarnation of the Domain of the Dragon-Kings (Completion Bonus: character_regenlife_05)
Incarnation of Prometheus’ Flame (Completion Bonus: defensive_resistfire_03)
Legendary Peng Claw (Completion Bonus: character_attributedexterity_04)
Legendary Raptor Tooth (Completion Bonus: character_speedattack_02)
Incarnation of Zeus’ Thunderbolt (Completion Bonus: offensive_damagelightning_05)

Epics – unsorted

Adept’s Clasp
Adept’s Diadem
Adept’s Mantle
Aegis of Laconia
Age Axe
Babylonian Greaves
Babylonian Helm
Babylonian Shield
Band of Domination
Blackrock Mallet
Bladeflinger’s Armor
Blood Stone
Bracers of Atlas
Charon’s Funeral Wrappings
Chi You’s Siphon
Creeping Death
Crown of the Elements
Curative Pythia’s Vestment of Intellect
Daevos’ Cuirass
Druid’s Bracelet
Druid’s Vestment
Druid’s Vestment
Druid’s Wreath
Elemental Deflector
Elementalist’s Wrap
Fire Blossom
Glowing Bangle
Hunter’s Armor
Hunter’s Helm
Hyksos Compound Bow
Imperial Greaves
Insulated Pythia’s Vestment
Jade Greaves
Lazarus Helm
Living Band
Meriones’ Bow
Necromancer’s Robe
Nomad’s Body Wrap
Obsidian Greaves
Oedipus Armor
Oracle’s Winding
Pavise Shield
Pious Sash
Pyromancer’s Bracelet
Pyromancer’s Robe
Pythia’s Clasp of Prowess
Ramses’ Coil
Red Crown
Ring of the Shang
Robes of Calchas
Rogue’s Greaves
Rogue’s Headband
Shard of the Elements
Shield of Balance
Shrieking Helm
Somatophylakes Plate
Song of the Siren
Spectral Warbow
The Bulwark
The Frail
The Frail
Thorny Bracers
Tunic of the Silver Bow
Vest of the Wandering Goat
Warden’s Armguard
Warden’s Greaves
Warden’s Helm
Warrior’s Bracers
Warrior’s Brain-cage
Warrior’s Buskin
Wayfarer’s Regalia
White Crown
Wing Chun’s Tear

The password for the file is “myrddinde

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  1. Hi, Are you willing to send me a copy of your vault file? I’m still missing some stuff and i see that you have it. I really want them. You can send it to my e-mail (
    Greetz from Holland.

  2. Author

    I have uploaded my Vault Data Files here.

    Have Fun, took me quite long to get all this. I'd be glad if you leave a message here if you downloaded it.

    1. Thank you so much, i like your self stopped playing the game for a very long time, I had a collection much like yours but lost it all on a crashed hard drive. I also had a “special ring” but I dont think I’ll ever see that again. Well im off to start a whole new battle

  3. Thanks for the items, although I was surprised how little was I able to take without damaging the balance of my character. My green staff for example (90 basic fire damage + 34 fire damaga + 20% fire damage + 27 frost damage + Prometheus artifact) proved superior to all the exotic staffs in the vault.
    Anyhow, I finally came across some archmage hardware I was after.

  4. i just needed one item… is that a waste?

    thank you very much for saving me from countless hours of searching.

  5. Thanks for the vault files and all that wonderful gear! I keep getting dupes of “useless” crap in-game and thanks to you I have completed a couple sets I’ve been cramping my wrist for for months. I was also wondering, will you be updating your rar from time to time?

  6. Author

    Most likely not in any time soon. I was playing Titanquest last year, when I was moving to my new home and had no internet connection, yet. But since then I have not touched the Game again. Who can blame me after all that farming.

  7. how do i use this i just upload it to its folder? sorry new to this game and addicted lol

  8. Author

    You need a program called TQVault. I cannot provide a download link atm, since I have not used it in a long time, but a search at google or at the titanquest forums should help you. Click here TQVAULT.

  9. I have just bought a new computer. If I copy the saved games files from my old one to the game’s folder will i be able to play with my old character?

  10. Author

    There are tools to backup your character and then you can restore it on the new pc, that should work. I have not touched the game for over 1 year now so you’ll have to find out yourself.

  11. Hey man, could you please send me your vault file? This list is freakin awesome.

  12. Author

    I have a download link in the 2nd post. So just scroll up and download it. Have fun 🙂

  13. I totally LOVE Titan Quest – but I still do NOT have the farming time it would take to complete any full set (without being insanely lucky) before burning out on the game. Thank you VERY much for sharing your vault files!!

  14. Hi .. Thanks for the info.. But I’m a super noob when it comes to this .. I just downloaded the TQVault today and clicked your link for your Vault.. It was a 2 sec download on dial-up and says I can’t open it.. Does that sound right? should it be a longer download? I’m not sure how to use it hehe.. Please if you could send me mail telling me how to use it that would be awesome!


  15. Author

    It is a compressed file, a zip file. So you need to unpack the files and save the unpacked files on your hard drive. Then you use TQVault to open these files. A Freeware Tool to open zip files is here.

  16. P.S. I know how to use the Vault.. I just don’t know how to use your file with the Vault =).

  17. oops I should have refreshed before I wrote that last thing lol

    Thanks for the speedy answer!!

  18. Hi, can you send me your vault files? If you have artifacts (or it’s receipes) that would be nice, thanks 🙂

  19. Author

    Just read through the other posts, especially the second one, you will find the link there 😉

  20. OK… so.. how do i use you vault items? I extracted the zip file, and now there are .vault files… and i don’t know how can i open them with the vault, ’cause there is only one extract button and it isn’t that one:P. Do I have to copy-paste them anywhere? pls help

  21. hi, where can i find Rhymescyte, its a sword, but i cant find it.
    can anyone help me?

    greetz, uproar

  22. There are 2 Rhymescyte swords possible. 1 does uber damage but has no graphic… Looks like you are walking around punching monsters and they go flying. The other sword has graphics, but does less damage. Only the less powerful one will complete the set though.
    relliK doG

  23. i’ve downloaded the files and have them in 7 zip program. How do i get the .vault files to TQVault?

  24. Author

    I am not really sure though, I stopped playing Titanquest in 2007 and am not sure if I remember it correctly. But if I am not mistaken I think there was a special folder under “My files” where you should put the files. In any case the TQ-Vault Documentation should be explained there.

  25. hi man.. srry 2 bother, still got the password 2 the archive? cuz it doesn’t work.. if you would send me an e-mail i’d be thankful

  26. I download the archive and when i try to extract it says the zip file is broken, whats the problem ? is it messed up or am i doing something wrong ?

    1. Author

      It works fine, I just tested it.
      Remember the file has a password, which can be found at the end of the post.

  27. Hey man the problem is the file does not require a password, but the extraction won’t work either. It says :

    …DocumentsMy GamesTitan Unknown method in TQVaultDataBlue Armor.vault
    …DocumentsMy GamesTitan Unknown method in TQVaultDataBlue Shields.vault
    …DocumentsMy GamesTitan Unknown method in TQVaultDataBlue Weapons.vault
    …DocumentsMy GamesTitan Unknown method in TQVaultDataGreens.vault
    …DocumentsMy GamesTitan Unknown method in TQVaultDataMain Vault.vault
    …DocumentsMy GamesTitan Unknown method in TQVaultDataShields.vault
    …DocumentsMy GamesTitan Unknown method in TQVaultDataTrade-Slant.vault
    …DocumentsMy GamesTitan Unknown method in TQVaultDataWeapons.vault

  28. Cool man, i like it…
    although not much for TQ IT for dream mastery.
    Many thnaks bro

  29. Special thank to bro. I wonder it is all of items in lengendary? Or some items you don’t have?

    1. Author

      @Linh Truong
      Thanks for the feedback. As you can see at the age of this post it is rather old and I haven’t really played since then or updated my tqvault, etc. But I farmed a lot back then and these were the strongest items I had found.

  30. Thank you very much for making these files available: they saved me a lot of boring farming for several items I was looking for!

  31. wow, cool, i live in indonesia, n strating play tq, it was hard to collect rare item, thx u, i cant make a donate, only word thank you .

  32. Wow, thanks for the awesome collection. I think I went overboard though…I felt like a kid in a candy store and over-outfitted my guy. Now I’m beating the shit out of everyone and not even bothering to look at the drops (I went through half of Epic in under 2 hours…totally ridiculous, lol).

    Warfare/Spirit lvl 42 along with a buttload of points added via Defiler

    1. Author

      @Johnny Reb
      Glad to see that this old file is still of use to fellow players. Thanks for your feedback!

  33. You should be majorly proud, my man. Most links for these files are dead and your stash is killer. I spent a few hours googling and yours is the cream of the crop. Thanks again, buddy.

    1. Author

      @Johnny Reb
      Thanks, I spent a ton of time farming these items int he past. Loved the game, but I have moved on to others … nice to see that they are still useful!

  34. you have made a very good job here my friend ty…i was having truble finding assassin’s shround in game so by luck i found you upload here btw this is a very good app again ty 😀

    1. Author

      Indeed it is my favorite RPG of the past years, love its sinister atmsophere a lot and the great humor.

  35. Hi i’m at the end of the post still can’t see the password for the file or i’m just blind can you maybe email it to me please and thanx

    1. Author

      Hello, This is the end of the comments the post end where the comments start, basically below the list of items 😀
      In case you need to find a term in a large list of words I suggest using the “search” feature. Firefox for example lets you search in the currently loaded page if you used “cmd +f”. If you enter “password” on this page you will find it easily should you be unable to find it with above instructions.

  36. @Myrddin
    Lol i told you im blind haha and seems not that smart either but thanx alot enjoy the rest of the day

    1. Author

      Hah, trust me … I have been there before! It is sometimes difficult to see these things, more difficult the more you want to find something fast! Don’t get me wrong I was not mocking you, just thought to give an advice (the search function) that helps me a lot when I am looking for stuff. Hope you got what you needed, enjoy!

      1. @Myrddin
        I did not think you mocked me i was just glad i learned something new thanx again got every thing i needed thanx 😀

  37. Hey man, Great work!!! Last year a few friends and I spent many an hour playing this game collecting every item. Just recently i re installed the game (getting fingers ready for the button mash of diablo 3) and couldn’t find my back ups of my vaults. 🙁 So cheers for the vault files!!!!!!!!

  38. im.nnob….man i dont now how to extract and were to extract this files can you help me

    1. Author

      Can’t really help with that. As mentioned above I have done this many years ago with a Tool called “TQVault”. You should try to find that tool and you should be able to “load” these items and insert them into your own chars. This is probably now way more comfortable than many years ago 😀

  39. Hi Myrddin,

    This is incredible. Thanks so much for going to the trouble to amass these items, and post the list and the TQVault files. Your hard work is admired and much appreciated!

  40. Thanks man ! A thousand time ! What an awsome job ! This page is marked, so if I ever run on an object not in there, I’ll post a link to the said object (or your own zip, just updated 😉

    Best regards

  41. I could really use the Tracker Hood and Tracker Armor and Hermes Talaria if they are available. Let me know. Thanks

    1. Author

      As I quit playing many years ago I can help you only with what is in the file above. Maybe someone else can help you out.

  42. Hi!

    I really need a few relics, but i am not sure how to use these files… Could someone help me ? What to do after unzipping the files? Thanks in advance ! 🙂

  43. thx man
    i found the way
    lots of thanks
    gr8 gr8 gr8 job
    no words described for ur kind work
    thanks again

  44. Awesome, thanks. Great help. Farming for days with disappointing results to put it mildly. Was about to give up on the game….

  45. Hey! I just found your website. Do you have Jade Bow for trade? Please add me in Steam, Amirrudin Ong is my Steam ID. Or you can email me.

  46. I’m not even sure that you’re still monitoring this, but if so – I wanted to take a moment to give you a sincere “Thank You for your efforts & for sharing this with everyone.”
    (I don’t know that I’ll use any of the items in my game, but it’s fun to browse & know that I /could/ if I so choose!)

    And for anyone curious, this IS compatible with the Titan Quest Anniversary Edition from GOG, at least as of v1.42.

    Thank you once again & All the best to you.
    Michael Lauren

    1. Author

      Glad you like it 🙂
      It used to be a lot of work to farm all this… but well worth the effort 🙂

  47. Hi Myrddin
    Im back for TQ after ten years..very helpful for a new start…
    Thx for your efforts..and time…..very much time, I suppose *g*

    Greets from Germany
    Raylan G

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