Exclusive Interview with Jeremy Gaffney on Wildstar

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What a day! Loic Claveau, European Lead Community Manager at Carbine Studios, invited a couple of fan sites to take part in a Q & A session with Jeremy Gaffneys, Executive Producer, via Skype about Wildstar!

Preparing for the Interview
While I am not the most eloquent writer my spoken English is even worse, haha. I have spent all day in a state bouncing between being happy for getting the great opportunity to speak to an idol whose games I have played for years and at the same time being nervous about being able to communicate properly.

Recap of the past weeks
The Wildstar publications over the last weeks have had pieces of previously unpublished content appear uncommented in screen-shots, week after week. This was topped by the the latest Wildstar Wednesday, were Jeremy introduced a gameplay video from the friends and family test and showed various mechanics in action (You can watch the video at the bottom of this post). A few days later Jeremy hosted an “ask me almost anything” at reddit, talking about many parts of the game and it becomes clear that Carbine Studios is going to reveal more of the game and tell us about information they have successfully dodged the past year.

The Interview
Back to the Interview! The other participants were CosmicDebris from
Jeux Online and Dann from Wildstar Hungary.
Even though Carbine Studios recently started to show us a bit more about their game I did not really expect to get a lot of answers or to have Jeremy delve deep into details, but I was mistaken! The interview turned out quite interesting and I had the impression that Jeremy, who is an eloquent talker, got carried away by his enthusiasm, in a fun way!

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